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The noise is especially loud when I turn it on high.
All kinds of excuses for not repairing them. They don't know what causes it to explode - as stated in congressional hearings- but they expect me to drive it. Can someone disable it for me?
the battery drains real fast and has to be jumped off. Also, the alarm goes off when attempting to crank the car and it takes multiple tries to get it to start.
only been a little over a year since motor replaced in cali.now told motor mounts need replacing & power steering pump,wouldnt those be part of a new engine install???please help a.s.a.p.
It stays on & goes off like it is supposed to, when you first start it. Then it starts flashing & if you drive very long it stops just stays on.It just started doing this today.
This began about 3 weeks ago. STARTING was taking a little longer than usual, with less than full cranking power. I suspected it was my 3 yr. old BATTERY, but ADVANCE AUTO PARTS says "NO." My battery tests GOOD. ...
My car had the usual check up fluids, hoses, filter, brakes etc.,8 months ago. however coming home one night, it just went dead, put a new battery in, but does not help, won't go pass the next street before it complet...
Mostly when I am starting out, getting out of my parking deck, or starting out, going 20-35 miles per hour. Not just when going over bumps. Between a knocking and a rattle.
replace dome fuse, still does not work, all warning lights lights up if key is on
A-C not blowing icy cold air but rather fluctuating from "cool" to "warm" depending upon rate of speed. Warm air only when idling, cooler air when cruising between 55-80 MPH, but steadily-fluctuating between cool-wa...
Which would be the best place to get service, dealership service or independent mechanic?
i have a standard matrix 03 and yesterday i was going to the store when in gear and taking of im giving it gas and it stall like if it running out of gas hasn't done car has hit 10,0000 on the dot do i need a good ser...
how to take off the driver kick panel. im looking for the parking fuse