Why does car shut down when driving and lights come on. The check engine light, slippery tires light.It will restart after putting in neutral. But shut down again after a few blocks. Could it be the spark plugs need changing

the engine manifold becomes red
after awhile
no Dtc appear on scanner

When cranking my car, it does not sound like it is turning and makes a sound much like a vacuum. Does any body know what the problem could be?

When I start it in the morning I here a ticking noise for a few seconds

usually happens early morning somtimes the car will go slow with high rpms. When I turn the car off and restart it. Then it will run fine. Have you ever heard of this problem?

Should water pump be replaced at the same time? What is typical cost?

for weeks now there is a humming,like wood dragging on the ground, rotors and pads are good , not making noise, sounds like coming from the rear

My car has only 53,000 miles, Christians Brothers Co. gave me estimate on $2,500 to change total because it's broken. Technician in another shop said everything is fine and changed something, I paid $100.00. But the same problem - tonight after work I turn on aircond. - blow hut air, after 15 min. start cold air, and the same situation every day.

5 speed automatic transmission; 73,000 miles