When I make sharp turns, like maneuvering into a parking space, the steering makes squeaking sounds. I don't know if it is the wheel or something inside the steering mechanisms of the car. I also want to know if it is dangerous.

So Goodyear replaced the fuel pump but gas is still not getting thru the car. So they said that it's needing to cleaned out but fuel flush fluid won't work for it. It's some type of sludge someone put in the gas tank so it's at the bottom of it. What can be done be a mechanic that doesn't have a machine to push chemicals through to the injection system and can it be rented by an autopart store?

My cd player won't let me put an other cd in but it doesn't have any cd in it . Once in awhile I can push the eject button and it will work and I will put a cd in and it will play than when I eject it it won't work and sometimes it won't read the cd it will just eject it

I HAVE A ROUGH IDLE WHEN STOPPED AND MECHANIC HAS SUGGESTED REPLACING ALL MOUNTS THAT WOULD COST $1350. do i need to replace all of them. my car has 113,0000 miles

All lights and other electrical is working

Toyota dealer check my auto and found 2 Leaks they asked me to fix it by Reseal from timing cover
and also to Replace rear main seal but the price they gave me
is about $3600.00 dollares, it is any other alternatev.

one shop says that all 5 motor strut mounts have to be replaced? Price quoted was $1320

My V6 2008 Camry will not crank. It will try to crank and every so often will but immediately shuts off. All lights come on and the battery/cables are good. We replaced fuel pump and crank sensor but still will not crank. It will crank with ether but once that's gone, nothing. We cannot find the source and would appreciate any input. Not sure if this means anything but the two times it did this was when I filled up with gas (from separate gas stations). The first time, two weeks ago, it started after about 10 minutes of trying and ran fine until yesterday and now it won't crank at all.

Car runs smooth. I called Toyota, they said the tech didn't reset
Oil light.

I have an 2008 Camry CE and my interior lights started going crazy one day going down the highway. The brake and ABS lights come on, the RPMs gauge goes to zero and comes back. the Temperature gauge also goes down to zero and comes back up, and sometimes even the gas gauge stops working too. Also, whenever this happened the A/C would stop functioning correctly(blows hot air). I finally took it to the dealer and they told me I need new abs control module and it would cost me more than $2000 to fix. I just need more information on this particular problem and any and all suggestions that you might have. And if I get done at the dealer will it fix all of the gauges malfunctioning?