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need estimate price of water pump replacement
I ran out of gas and the car wont start when I added gas what the problem this is bs my older 2001camry never did this to me lucky im home
check engine light on and car will start and idle but will not rev or accelerate
I was just told by dealership that my rear pads are 3mm thick and in the red but service paper shows rear pads in red at 1mm .Should I replace pads at 3mm or is dealership trying to pull a fast one?
After cramming stuff in trunk, then removing the stuff, the trunk lid closes but one side of closed lid is higher (not flush with car) than the other side. It seems I must have pushed some hinge part out of wack.
I have a 2007 Toyota Camry with 39967 miles on it. I am ready to bring it in to the dealer for the 40k service. However, I just found out from the previous owner that the car did not receive its 30k service. Thus, sho...
My car has 85k miles. What is the cost of a tune up( plugs )? What is the cost of changing the belt?
brought the car in for an oil change at 63000 miles and was told that the water pump was leaking. Should I change it when the car seems to be ok or wait?
Don't want to be overcharged but at the same time go in blind, so how long should I expect it to take for a mechanic to replace my alternator?
How do I fix this problem? Checked all doors, the only thing I believe it may be is the sensor on the rear right passenger door. Please help!!!
How long does a water pump pulley last in a camry le
Hello, My car battery is dead in my garage cant change gears to roll it out of garage to have it jumped? Any suggestions..is it possible to get into neutral? I have a keyless push start car?
Was wondering about an exact price?
I accidently short circuited (I believe),the power outlet fuze while picking up a loose metal piece from a cell phone charger that fell into the outlet hole. The ignition key was in Accessory mode and I used a pair of...
Must I replace rotors with rear brake pad replacement if the rotors don't yet have damage? thank you.