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In the past feww weeks.Occassionally while idling I hear it. It's not loud but it does concern me. What could it be and how can I elimnate it before it becomes a problem.
I used an actron powerscan and it cam up with the following 2 CODES,P0302,P0302PD,MIL ON,MONITRS,2INC,EVAP,02 SENS,5 READY,MISFIRE,FEUL,COMP,CATALYST,02 HTR. The car runs rough and hesitates when accelerating....w...
I have a 2007 Toyota Camry XLE V6 and the front vent only blow hot air when the rear vent is blowing a cold air. When I turn on the A/C the front A/C light blinking. Please help
Seeing the check engine light's on, sent the car a toyota dealer, which changed the ignition coil of cylinder#2. A day after, the light's on again, the dealer changed the spark plug. Then the light's blinking in a few...
i recently had the oil changed and all the fluids are okay? what could be the problem and when i was starting the car there was a little smoke coming out of the tail pipe? what could be the problem? please help just...
saw small leaks in garage every now and then but yesterday more fluid leak out while driving took to nearest shop and was told it would cost around $1,300 with parts and labor.
There are no visible leaks anywhere on engine or ground. Engine clean. Two weeks ago I had the oil change and the oil is gone. Any suggestions
i purchased this car from dealer in aug 2011 and when i bought it the dashboard looked shinny, i figured it was because the car was detailed before purchasing. well to the touch the dashboard is sticky. impossible to ...
I have a Toyota Camry 2007 v6 3.5l. The car has 97,0000 miles. Can you also tell me if a need to change anything else. And can anyone tell me what each belt does and why they need to be changed. Thanks
The check engine light came on and I had it hoooked up to a computer. The computer stated that the bank one sensor one oxygen sensor needed to be replaced.
The replacement sensor appears to have no opening for the wire.
I have a Toyota Solara that i accidentally tried ot turn on using the wrong key. Now the security light is blinking and the car won't start. Please advise
the car is in the reapir shop now. They say they cannot find after market parts. I would like an estimate on the cost of this type of repair.
After a long 8hour drive the high beams stats on wont go off I took the fuses out also the battery terminal just to be safe I am a do-it-yourselfer can you tell me what to do.