I have noticed that the car will shake a bit when I hit 45 mph, but it stops around 50 mph. I took it to the Goodyear shop as that is where we got the tires and thought maybe they were out of balance. They checked and did the oil change and 3 hours later (!) said I probably need new struts in the front. They didn't mention anything about an alignment that I had asked about. Grrr. But now, 2 weeks later these lights are on. I called the Toyota dealership and they said it's nothing to be concerned about unless they were flashing, which they are not...they are on steady. What do you think the problem might be?

any time running sitting still, uses 1/2 quart oil

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry with 115611 miles on it the temperature gauge suddenly drops the tachometer goes crazy and the ABS and Brake warning lights come on. what could be the prblem

The light came on last night and is still on this morning. It says to call the dealership - is this necessary?

Sounds as if something is holding the breaks from moving, the noise is noticeable when gentle breaks is applied.

dealership tested oil consumption for 3 months - agreed there was a problem - repaired Aug 13/13
May 27/14 noticed an oil leak - dealership advised engine leak need to replace rear main seal or upper oil pan,will need to remove engine to check it out - could be part of original problem - have not had an estimate ** what is your opinion

Occurs constantly. I don't know when it started, but it added over a thousand miles on a 150 mile trip yesterday.

expected cost of repair

It only comes when I stop the car and it is in D.If I put it in N or let go of brake pedal the noise stop immediately. A shop told me it may be of loose screw in air filter assembly.they fastened the rear screw and it got better. Later another shop replaced air filter and the noise was gone for a week or two.But it has returned and it seems that it is getting worse.

mechanic replaced oxgen senser a week ago. check engine light came back on . now they say another one needs to be replaced and if that don't work the manifold needs replacing

When I turn my heat off the temperature goes back to normal so I've just not been turning on my heat.

Whenever I accelerate between 45-60 mph my car vibrates. The mechanic said I had bad motor mounts. I have replaced the Torque and the right transmission mount on the right side. Does broken motor mounts cause the car the vibrate at high speeds? Or could it be I need my tires balance.

Everytime I accelerate my car would vibrate. I've changed the motor mount that looks like a dog bone because it was broken. Now my car still vibrates on the right side. When I put my car in reverse & press on the gas my right (rear) motor mount moves alot. Which is causing my drivers side axle to rise. Do I need to replace the rear motor mount?

I took my car to the shop to get the water pump replaced and now I have major electrical issues. My windows, dash, wipers or nothing else will work inside. The car will not go into gear. Just what could have happened? Ive never had any problems prior to taking it in for the water pump repair. They replaced the 100 amp fuse, but still nothing. I am now up to $398 just for labor..HELP!

I have 96,700 miles on my Camry that I bought used 6 months ago. The check oil light came on so I checked it and added oil. The light went off but NOW the maintenance required light is staying on and when I check it the oil I put in is gone but is no where in or on the car? Its just gone. My coolant system is fine so I don't think its a head gasket. What is wrong?