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On interstate it will run along fine, then cut out a bit and run a bit rough for a while then work itself out. Also, at a stoplight, i was afraid it was going to die.
Took it to a shop and they said it needed coils and sparkplugs at a price of $1700. YIKES. That just seem extreme!!! Is that what it should cost?

It was starting before but was vibrating and then it goes off again. For now it doesn't start at all. What is the problem?

i changed both gear and engine oil 2 month ago. What could be the fault?

the transmission kick back when it downshifts to lower gear at speed around 30 miles.
any body has and this experience and any suggested fix for that?

and hoses - what are the cost of parts all 3 and labor seperate charges

Windshield wipers repaired now these dont yet worked before they fixed them

Hard knock when engine is cranked.

Changing plugs today and cylinder 1 and 2 no problems, got to 3 and coil and plug covered in oil (assuming a valve cover gasket issue) and then #4 removed coil bolt and lifted up and coil tube would not come out. Only raised about 1/2 inch from seat. I twisted, pulled, prodded but it would not budge. Even sprayed a little WD40 down tube. I am afraid to apply leverage with screwdriver shafts or channel locks in fear of breaking off plug. Any suggsetions on strategy? Cant replace valve gasket until I get this coil free as well. Thanks for any adviee. PS: I went ahead and replaced plug in 3 and reseated coil and old plug in 4. The car cranks and after reset no maintenance light but still need to fix/replace it just keeps my wife on the road at least.

Transmission skips continuosly