and hoses - what are the cost of parts all 3 and labor seperate charges

Windshield wipers repaired now these dont yet worked before they fixed them

Hard knock when engine is cranked.

Changing plugs today and cylinder 1 and 2 no problems, got to 3 and coil and plug covered in oil (assuming a valve cover gasket issue) and then #4 removed coil bolt and lifted up and coil tube would not come out. Only raised about 1/2 inch from seat. I twisted, pulled, prodded but it would not budge. Even sprayed a little WD40 down tube. I am afraid to apply leverage with screwdriver shafts or channel locks in fear of breaking off plug. Any suggsetions on strategy? Cant replace valve gasket until I get this coil free as well. Thanks for any adviee. PS: I went ahead and replaced plug in 3 and reseated coil and old plug in 4. The car cranks and after reset no maintenance light but still need to fix/replace it just keeps my wife on the road at least.

Transmission skips continuosly

This happens and then returns to normal and goes back and forth.