2007 Toyota Camry Questions

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clutch pedal fell to the floor and it is not possible to shift .

My Toyota dealer uploaded new automatic transmission shift points as there was shift flaring fix as outlined in their technical service bulletin. The shifting during cold weather is now delayed and very harsh until it warms up.

The carpets are soaked with some fluid. I noticed after long drives where I am using air conditioner.

Started after I got a jump. Anti light flashes in 3 light intervals. And you here clicking under the hood.

Driving over 60 miles per hour the ABS light turns on, speedometer drops to 0 and technometer is moving up & down and the light where the (P, R N D) shuts off. when this is happening the AC no longer cools. Then all of a sudden goes back to normal

car won't accelerate/backup as the malfunction light has come on. Car was not used for 10 days

start, I am concerned the starter may be going out and don't want to get caught somewhere with a broken down car..can the dealer or auto zone run a test on it ...have 128,000 on it just had catalytic converter replaced, the check engine light had come on and that was supposedly the problem..

The dealer says the cost to repair the leaking front axels is 2,500.00

It only sticks sometimes

It sometimes sticks but not always.

Fully depressed the brake peddle but not able to shift out of Park.

I pulled the circuit breaker for the horn to stop the noise but the car still won't start. It's like there is no electrical power available.