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Rough transmission gear change shifting in stop & go, rush-hour traffic, at 25 mph. What could be the culprit ? 3.0L v6 182 kmiles 5-speed AT
I remove the fuse and put it back an hour later, and then problem goes away--until for seemingly no reason, even after a week it returns, and then the hazards will just go on again-have replaced the instrument panel s...
once fuse is removed and replaced an hour or so later, the problem goes away--and then, it just happens again-have been to a couple of mechanics, but so far, no solution-have replace the switch.
it wont start i put a code reader on it and it said the secondary coil
Regular oil and filter changes, and new spark plugs and battery, That's it. Should I change transmission oil, brake, and fluid coolant? Other?
These two error codes pop up after diagnosing. This is a manual 5 speed car. I see everything is clean and clear no leakage. One more thing, i can smell some smoke when idling for more than 1 min at drivers side.
Told I need to replace all motor mounts by pep boys for 800 dollars told them they are over priced,car makes engine noise when shifting gears from park to drive.
Car has 280,000 miles...just replaced rear struts when this other problem started. Popping sound almost always occurs as I'm about halfway back out of my driveway...also with turns...sometimes with release of brake.
The other 3 door's lock are working with the remote, the one from driver side, only with the key. When I lock the car also the three doors working with the remote after I lock manually the one from driver side.
When closing, my sunroof continues "forward" past closed and actually opens the rear slightly. Thoughts?
My 2005 Camry began not going in reverse, then not shifting gears. A mechanic friend did computer test and other tests and determined that the problem is my ABS module. Disconnected the ABS module from computer, and ...
What could have caused this it was fine before this
I live close to my neighbors and I'm sure the honking bothers them when I get home late at night or early in the mornings.