I had purge valve assembly replaced on my 2005 Toyota camry and have driven it over 800 miles and the computer still says the catalyst computer and emission hasn't reset, help?

Hello... please i need ur help.. i bought a used toyota camry 2005 model.. the oil indicator flickers and turns on when car is running.. the car temperature ia excellent and does not even reaches the 3rd line of its gauge....i already changed the oil and filter plus this issue happened when the headlight is not working... im not sure if there is a problem with the oil pump or just electrical issue.. thanks a lot

the valve tap when the engine is running.

My 2005 Camry died after coming home from a trip. It wouldn't turn on, unlock, no lights, nothing. So I bought a new battery and it started but white smoke was coming out from the engine and smelled like burnt plastic. I had just changed my oil and had plenty of coolant. I took it to a local shop that told me the water pump had leaked and shorted out the alternator and I needed to replace both. I started calling around trying to find the best price for this repair and was told by 2 different mechanics this was unlikely since the water pump isn't close enough to the alternator to cause a shortage if it leaked.

I'm confused and want to make sure I have correct information before spending half my paycheck on a repair.

Rack and pionion replaced few years ago. Power stearing pump, water pump, timing belt, alternater & dual fans replaced 1-2 year ago. Started hesitating when turning left at times-slwo speed. Is this realated to rack & pinion.

The starting problem which requires my keeping the key turned until the engine starts. It's been like this for over 6 weeks.

It's an 05 Camry xle with 102727 miles on it

no movement stuck on full.

Brake fluid levels went low had maintenance done and now need the light ro go away...how?

we brought a new battery put it in now I crank it put it in reverse or drive press the pedal will not go what should I do

The smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe. It's grayish in color.

I have a 2005 Camry xle v 6 3.0.liter. The car overall is great except for the door lock actuater went out on the driver door. The main issue i have is the alignment.First, I've had the alignment done 3 times and shortly after being fixed the car goes in either direction to the right or left. This occurs when I get the tires rotated and the allignment goes to the left, it's is this endless cycle of turning hard to the right or hard to the left after tire rotations. I don't want to spend any money until Im certain the cause of the problem.Second, when the car is travel over 65 to 75 the steering wheel vibrates violently. Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated . Thank you

My AC light is blinking as well- Relevance??