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I am told that the water pump also needs to be replaced.
i have a melted fuse box in my car, i need to know how much is it to fix it
Can anyone tell me how they are replaced
the dome light comes on when we manually turn on but not when door is opened to get in car
If my hand just brushes the top of the steering wheel the horn blares for about 15 seconds.
All doors will lock with either door switch or remote but only drivers door functions correctly. I place all door locks in open position. The door switch will lock all but only opens drivers door. I replaced door sw...
I need your advice on how to solve my problem re: engine vibration when engage to drive mode and when a/c is on at idle. I have replaced all (4) motor mounts,had the throttle body cleaned and poured fuel injector cle...
On passenger side seat heater barely gets warm on drivers side seat heater gets hot quickly then not very warm right after seat gets hot
my 2004 toyoto camry malfuntion indicator just came on and want go off aheat can i do
It happens when I am slowing to a stop. This sound is similar to what you would hear from an old door hinge if you were opening or closing it slowly. It is not a high pitch sound. It is more of a mid range or lower...
what is the cost of the 90000 mile service maintenence?
Recently, I had to get a new battery. When I did, I ended up having to take my car to the dealership to have the Idle Air Control Valve cleaned. Since then, there has been a hesitation on acceleration in the car. Also...
AS you start driving, there is a noise from the rear end thats gets louder as speed increases. I am thinking maybe one of the hubs may need replacing? Appreciate any advise.
I would like to know how to clean the Idle Control Sensor and how to get to it (specifically) This cannot be that hard a job. Anyone who can offer instructions would be greatly appreciated.