400,000 + mi - love my car - hiway miles. Had to have it towed to shop after wouldn't accelerate and engine roughness noted. all maintenance done- never a major problem before this. What can I expect in future -or is it time to trade in? Can I expect that it can be fixed and I can continue driving? My kids want me to get new car but again, this has been the best car!

Is this something that can be replaced?

Is it necessary? For how long?

They are corroded, what can I do to remove the corrosion?

I changed the whole engine wiring check the crenck sensor but didnt get

It will only start after 10 to 15 minutes later.

replaced engine and now computer wont work nor will it start.any suggestions

When check engine light is off, the car surges. Took it get inspected but didn't pass because O2 sensor, heated sensor, and catalyst were "not ready". Driving extra miles did not help. Different codes come up when the light is off.

Put a new thermostat in drove 5mins up the road and again overheated .now I'm getting water into cylinder head 3.
What is wrong with my car? Lol

Saw a leak of transmission fluid/power steering fluid on the driver's side by the wheel on the floor of garage. Checked radiator and thought there was oil in it but it appears to be red. Also saw overflow for radiator and it has the same problem. Could this be a radiator failure problem or could it just be one of the hoses that go into the radiator? Or is is completely something other than this?

2004 toyota Camry LE. need to replace rack due to leakage/damage. noticed there are different part no.'s for cars w/15" wls & 16" wls as originally equipped. Would I stay with original rack unit size, or swap to the 16" unit to match the wheels now on it? Thanks