I get my oil changed 3000 miles over the recommended, because it's a Toyota. Is this okay?

My brakes are making a strange squeaking noise sometimes when I stop. What is this noise?

My car makes a gurgling noise when stopped, sometimes when driving, but mostly when stopped. What is this water noise? Sometimes it sounds like water is sliding around inside the dashboard!

All the timing marks are lined up the spark plugs are getting gas it's firing why can't it start??? Please help before my husband smashes all the windows out of it LOL

The car overheated because a coolant hose slipped the O-Ring. The temp shot so fast I didn't see or hear any issue but then lost power and died. I realize it is likely just a blown head gasket, but the car has 180k on it and considering replacement.

when traveling on the highway the engine light will come one after about 2 hours. All the gauges look fine. I don't notice any noise. After about a week the light will go back off until the next time I take a trip. This happens very time I drive more than 2 hours on the highway.

A couple weeks ago my check engine light came on. We figured out it was the started and to get by until we could get a new one we would just bang on it and it would start. Finally, it said enough and we got a new one this weekend and put it in. The check engine light came off. Two days later the dang thing was back and no idea why. Any answers would be great?

Mileage:200,000. Car stopped after in parking position but not put in park. Moved on it's own, brake and putting it in park didn't do anything. The had brake stopped it and it didn't turn on again. Oil, gas , ignition fuse, and battery is fine.

having trouble filling gas tank

I think the flap over the fill hole has broken off

My car was hit by a truck on drivers side damaging door up to bumper. Also knocked out the front light on passengers side. They dont see ac damage but ac was working great before accident. It was big impact from truck. O3 Camry. Do you know why ac quit working and ac light flashes on panel. This happened immediately after wreck.