the code scanner worked before about 3 months ago. I wanted to see id it was a crank shaft position sensor, so what do you all think ?

What repairs will need to be done and approximate cost?

I had my car worked on and they fixed the power steering hoses only. they were leaking so added clamps. now my trac off and vsc comes on. it is not showing any codes. is there a button that might have got pushed

2002 Camry losing coolant diagnosed as leaking heater core and need step by step directions and diagrams to replace the existing heater core.

Sheykin n no wanna go the 2 sparkplugs it's like burning

high idle in park and in drive

Takes several times to start.

I didn't get an owner's manual so don;t know.

how fast how long what speed what gear what accessories do I use and when and for how long to be ready to run a smog test

He did several smoke tests already but no where on line have I found that the canister needs replacing if a car is throwing this code.

It only clunks when you hit bumps and it is coming from the back end mostly the right side back end 2002 Toyota camryfront wheel drive

It started clunking then one day felt like something let go and the back wheels lock up and and I took to back tires off and nothing is lose I don't no why it was clunking and the back wheels lock up it runs grate besides that

I've taken my car to so many auto electricals they all have told me the same thing they can't find the problem with there scanners may have to pull the dash apart 1 mechanic did still couldn't understand why the light is on I'm just wondering is it the air bag system or are they looking at it wrong could it be the automatic braking system? I'm a single perant & 3wks now & i feel ive sacrificed so much of my childres money not a good out come problem not solved I desprately need a warrant for our car asap so please any can help me out would be much appreciated