2002 Camry losing coolant diagnosed as leaking heater core and need step by step directions and diagrams to replace the existing heater core.

Sheykin n no wanna go the 2 sparkplugs it's like burning

high idle in park and in drive

Takes several times to start.

I didn't get an owner's manual so don;t know.

how fast how long what speed what gear what accessories do I use and when and for how long to be ready to run a smog test

He did several smoke tests already but no where on line have I found that the canister needs replacing if a car is throwing this code.

It only clunks when you hit bumps and it is coming from the back end mostly the right side back end 2002 Toyota camryfront wheel drive

It started clunking then one day felt like something let go and the back wheels lock up and and I took to back tires off and nothing is lose I don't no why it was clunking and the back wheels lock up it runs grate besides that

I've taken my car to so many auto electricals they all have told me the same thing they can't find the problem with there scanners may have to pull the dash apart 1 mechanic did still couldn't understand why the light is on I'm just wondering is it the air bag system or are they looking at it wrong could it be the automatic braking system? I'm a single perant & 3wks now & i feel ive sacrificed so much of my childres money not a good out come problem not solved I desprately need a warrant for our car asap so please any can help me out would be much appreciated

Replace one or both is better

My car has around 162480 mi on it. After about 5 min driving down the road my oil light flickered & then stayed on. I pulled over & checked the oil, which was a little on the low side, so we turned around. I put enough oil in it to top it off & we tried again, but the same thing happened.

I am a little overdue for an oil change, & my car hasn't had a history of leaking or using oil. The engine isn't overheating. How can I tell if it's the oil sending unit or something else?

Hello Pros,
I would really appreciate if someone can shed some light on the problem.

Car: 2002 Toyota Camry - 4 Cylinder
Odometer: 165000 miles

- Couple of days back, when I started the car it had a rough start(rough idle).
- Once on the move I did not feel any issue in driving.
- On the way I stopped at the store and when I started the car again "Check engine light came on".

- Auto center OBD diagnosis came up as P0303-Cylinder 3 misfire detected.
- Technician found burned cylinder 3 spark plug. Hence technician replaced all 4 plugs to iridium spark plugs and did 3-step fuel cleaning (1.Oil System 2. Fuel System Cleaner 3. Intake Cleaning).
- Check engine light went away, drove 15-20 miles and next day when I started the car light came back on!
- Filled up Supreme grade gas, to see if it helps :)
- Again took it back to the garage, OBD Code: P0303-Cylinder 3 misfire detected. And they replaced #3 coil.
- Once again code went away. Drove couple of miles and once again when I shut off car and restarted, check engine light showed up again (OBD Code: P0303-Cylinder 3 misfire detected).

- Also, technician mentioned that when check engine light was on, OBD tool identified cylinder 3 misfire happens at the start. When car is on the road, running it does not register any misfire even when engine light is on!
- I have noticed that since the problem started with rough starting idle, every time "Check engine light" came on when I started the car and drove around 100 ft.
- There is no egg-smelling odor (to eliminate catalytic converter failure)

Couple of other things...
- Since last summer while changing air filter, Vaccum filter valve's (Toyota part: 90910-12199 [084600-5480 12V] 548 Denso-Japan) outlet tube broke from one of the vaccum tube. Which I tied back with wire. Don't know whether this could cause any issue of P0303 after several months!
- But since last month or so, when car is stopped and move by pressing gas padel, I hear flow of coolent noise (behind the dash board-into heat chamber). Somewhere I read that due to vaccum leak or lack of coolant in radiator could cause these symptoms. The coolant reservoir and radiator is full. Temperature gauge is half way when car is running, there does not seem to have excess heat. Also, RPM gauge does not fluctuate at all.

- Engine head gasket was replaced last spring
- Last spring I got the coolant flush service done

What should I be looking next?
- Vaccum filter valve?
- EGR valve?
- PCV system?
- Fuel injector?
- Gas filter?
- Blown head gasket?
- Intake manifold?

Thank you so much for your response.