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car at 178000 -- good idea to replace belt? -- previous owner claimed they did...anyway to tell whether they replaced it?
Any way to slow the leak or do leaks indicate anything -- 178000 miles
do u need to replace EGR for smog? How expensive L/P?
car now moves a little distance and the gear disengages. I will off ignition and start again after a little distance, the same thing happens. please what is wrong?
I can get the timing marks with 5 degrees +\-, but cannot get it on the dot. Which is better, 5 degree advanced or 5 retarded?
Had egr valve and lift sensor replareplaced car ran beautifuly, 15 miles later cel on, but still smooth ride, next day on drive to work notice car driving a bit rough then once parked at work cel began flashing and id...
So i recently brought my 99 Camry xle v6 3.0 in to have some repairs done. When the car was first purchased (not while i wa Hello, singledadneedreliablecar Find a Shop Estimator MyCar Advice Checklist (0) Repair...
I had tow it home started it up sounded funny. So I believe it is my 2,3 ignition coil. Starter works. If i replaced ignition coil 2,3 and 1,4 and still doesnt work. what else might be wrong.
bought this car 2 weeks ago and the key number is in the booklet.
Someone was changing the plug wires and mixed them up. I could use a diagram or firing order to make sure they're o correct.
The good news is that is has 46,500 miles. (Odometer certified). The bad news is that it has 46,500 miles on it. (I'm sure it did a lit of sitting). The Carfax report had it in Iowa the entire time. Given the car is 1...