Speedometer and odometer lights out

Ok so my camry has 357k on it.. I've changed some stuff.. radiator,thermostat, water pump,timing belt spark plugs, wires, found out my head had 2 hairline cracks so got a reman head, car runs great ..a little below half way mark on coolant temp..now going up hills I notice the gauge gets a little lower than 3/4 of the way.. could this be due to the high mileage

The car starts right up first start of the day or after sitting for about 6 hours or more.. also will start right up after turning off and immediately starting again .. no codes shown either.. plz HELP

I checked all injectors and they all work and good spark in all cylinders, my scanner gave me code for Fuel and air sensor OL which the parts shop say it's oxygen sensor. Whenever i spray starting fluid in air filter it's runs good until it shuts off when it dries.

while driving the gas stops responding. it is not the fuel pump and the filter was replaced. Also the o2 sensor was replaced. what else could be wrong?

I recently went to smog test my 1999 Toyota Camry LE and the testing place said i need a new battery and the oxygen senor replaced before it could pass calif smog test. Help!

Were the horn is suppose to b

It's getting worse but it was only when I put it in drive

My car started slowing down like it would stop then my radio cut off and when I cut my headlights off the car started going a little faster

1999 Toyota camry 2.2 engine auto /ac moved vsv valve to end of phellum for accessibility , had small bolt hole rite behind oil fill cap on phellum . Makes for good accessibility

Why is the o/d off light on? It just came on today. Does that mean my transmission is going out? There has been a burning smell when it is warming up.

I can not open my doors from the outside or from the inside.

I checked for vacuum leaks around the intake and for hose leaks. It's not running lean it actually smells like it's running rich. Help I need to pass emitions