Heys guys, having trouble with this second hand ignition switch barrel with key,what i purchased at a wreckers,took old one out and secondhand one in but it turns but wont start.

After a hot soak, the engine will start but almost stall out shortly after.

Tire blew out on right front passenger side, shredded the wiring harness. Completely replaced damaged wiring harness and after replacing, the gauges, ac, shifter, doesn't work and the alternator will not keep car running. Any suggestions. Replaced wiring harness twice.

Everytime time i go to drive somewhere,the check engine warning lights come on,it usally happens after about 10 to 15 minutes of driving but mainly comes on when i put my foot down to speed up.

need to repair truoble code

has new plugs but had oil in cyl 4 and 1

when i try to startup the car engine revovles but it wont start, just keeps rolling. also inoticed the engine indicator dosnet come on when i turn on ignition but all other indicators (battery, oil, doors, airbags etc ) come on

How I can explain? Okay. I just replaced the ball joints. During installation the axes are out, I put in place and now the car is not moving.