My check engine light has been on so many times this month. 3 weeks ago my car was reading code p0401. Did a tune up, and changed the vacuum mod. Drove it for 130 miles and it popped back on. Ran the code again and now it's a p0402. Replaced the EGR valve. Drove 150 miles came back on. What's the next step? I need to pass sMOG next week

2.2L 4 cylinder engine

I accidently touched my negative post with a socket wrench and now my car has no power.

I own a 1996 Toyota Camry with 199,215 miles on it. I need all four struts replaced at a cost of $1400. Should I repair the Camry or get a new vehicle.

i let it warm up before i go. the car use to run all day re start fine and now i am noticing it;s happening more frequently

Is there such a thing as prime it. Or relay, where is it. Or is there such a thing switch. It is humming when key turned. Help. Please. And thank you