replaced the I.A.C. valve and E.C.T. sensor also the cold start switch

Engine cracks and runs great for about five minutes. It then dies and will not restart for at least 4-6 hours. Fuel pump has been changed. Seems like once motor gets hot it dies?

I get up to 60 mph when it starts to bounce but I have new struts

Every morning

When I put the car in drive the front suspension makes a thump noise then pops in both front tires.Also as car is moving when it shifts into drive the noises are continuous until vehicle stops.

My check engine light has been on so many times this month. 3 weeks ago my car was reading code p0401. Did a tune up, and changed the vacuum mod. Drove it for 130 miles and it popped back on. Ran the code again and now it's a p0402. Replaced the EGR valve. Drove 150 miles came back on. What's the next step? I need to pass sMOG next week

2.2L 4 cylinder engine

I accidently touched my negative post with a socket wrench and now my car has no power.

I own a 1996 Toyota Camry with 199,215 miles on it. I need all four struts replaced at a cost of $1400. Should I repair the Camry or get a new vehicle.

i let it warm up before i go. the car use to run all day re start fine and now i am noticing it;s happening more frequently