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ongoing problem ,speedometer reads too slow or not at all
changed starter relays still nothing new batt ??????? PLEASE HELP ME
thinking crankshaft position sensor? Where it located and what is the best way to diagnoe for sure
I barely replaced the spark plugs and oxegen sensors and air filter after 4 years and about 1 year ago i replaced the cataytic converter what could be the problem even if the windows are closed i could still smell smo...
At gas station attendant forgot to close hood all the way after oil change. Hood flew up while driving. I tied it down with rope. Hood release was still working so I could put oil in engine, it closed and locked from ...
I need to replace all my dashboard bulbs, which include the warning and error lights, dash illumination for engine temperature, tach, and speedometer, and transmission setting indicators (park, reserve, neutral, drive...
I have already found this price on parts: $162.45 1995 Toyota Camry Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump for V6 3.0L ( Gates) www.1aauto.com/timing-belt-kit-with-water-pump-gates
how much should it cost to get the water pump and timing belt changed
Occurred recently and was not smog tested in San Diego.