When I take my foot off the gas to apply the brake, my car dies. It stays running if I apply brake and gas at the same time though.

While my car is running and in park, the noises it makes are so loud and rattling.

After about 10 mins of driving , my car starts to smoke under the hood and then dies.

I know both are common problems and seems like both show the same signs and symptoms. I wanted to know if there is a way to know which one I need to replace so hopefully I don't have to replace both of them!

Car cranks but won’t start, mainly when it is hot. Crank few times and it starts without any problem or hesitation. This issue does not happen every time and not able to recreate. Took it a local shop and they could not re-create the issue. They changed distributor cap & ignition coil and the issue is still not resolved. So far the issue happens only when the weather is hot and park the car for 10 to 15 min and then when you try to start, it will not start.

and to test it

Problem occurs when A/C is running, and car is stopped at a light, or parked and idling. Sounds as if it may stall yet never has - idle is variable. Headlights dim and brighten in sync with speed of idle. This has been happening for at least a year.
This week, when AC is on and idle slows, 3 dash lights come on: ABS, battery, yellow car with lights. Idles ok if I press accelerator lightly.
Yesterday, it had minimal power in Drive, and made several loud pops under the hood when I pressed the accelerator.
Normal once AC was off. Radiator replaced last summer.

Mechanic 1 said leak and $500. We didn't trust that guy so we took it to Another trusted shop in town. Mechanic 2 said no leak and can't locate the problem. Thinks it could be a sensor or fan isn't blowing enough air. Mexhanic 2 is gonna have friend take a look and possible use computer to help diagnose. Any ideas? We are trying to not spend a bunch on this car if it's not gonna last. But we don't have much options.

while driving the o/d begins to flash and won't turn off.

Acts like its running out of gas. Engine light on before that. Changed fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator. When reg. was off gas was dripping out. After replacing feul filter it ran perfect for about 45 seconds then it started bogging down when i tried to accelerate. Runs normal for 10 seconds when first starts

Changed all the bulbs and checked fuses unable to drive at night because of the taillights won't work

Act like it ran out of gas but has gas getting gas to fuel filter, pump running it gradually loss power like it ran out of gas but didn't, it is firing I checked and it's a toyota camry station wagon don't know what's going on won't start, never had a problem with it before