cause after I pulled it out my dome light personal lights side door lights and my radio does not work at all now and no one caneem to find me a 12v 2w bulb or fuse ?

I just got this used Toyota Camry and need to fix the choice of air flow - to front window or feet or direct on driver when a/c or heat is on _ it is stuck on the front/window and feet choice and changing the knob does not change the air flow _ is there a motor for switching this or is it manual and how to fix it- Thanks Joan

I had battery,starter tested both were OK. My Camry has 123,000miles and is a manual trans.the problem has happened a few times , far apart

I got a new alternator I got a new battery and yet my battery light still keeps coming on how do I fix this problem

replace plugs and wires

So I went ahead and replaced the alternator and the light went off. The next morning it came on again. I also have an issue with one of my brake bulbs. I noticed that every time my battery light came on, so did the brake light. It did this about 5 times and then it stopped. I also noticed when the battery light would come on my car ran smoother, when it went off it went back to running rough like it usually does. I checked my battery and its fine. Totally stumped. Need help!!!!

checked fuses under hood all are ok ,checked timing belt not broke .

The steal belt guide part of the pulley separated and the belt that turns the air conditioner, water pump, and altinator does not spin. I believe the pulley head has to be replaced. How much would this repair cost?

trying to replace an engine with a used one a few years newer. When tightening the bell housing bolts it will not allow the engine to turn when it gets close. Any thoughts?