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i thought it was a fuel issue, i replaced the fuel pump and filter. still no start. now im wondering if it's the timing belt that snapped. please help, thanks
1993 Car has only 60,000 miles of normal driving.
Car has been idling rough especially when at operating temp. Recently car has trouble starting after being driven on highway for 30 miles. Car will not start without pressing on gas for a couple of seconds. Then car r...
Drove yesterday was fine. Tried to start today and nothing. It does have power and even cleaned to battery posts to make sure I had enough power still nothing. Has no sound when trying to start no crank or click from ...
I have bunch of tools just dont know the procedure.
also sounds like it is going to die, but then resumes normal running operation, getting fuel and spark...
son drilled out key cylinder, replaced it and now the car has no power to the key .car will not start or do anything else.