Lines havr been flushed. And blower works.

Put hand over air intake and cranked for a minute and started rough but i slowly throttled it up by hand but give it to much it cut off like no gas no nothing let off throttle it caught back up but eventually it died and wont start at all now chamged fuel pump checked for spark getting light orange and blue spark

Tried battery disconnect and pulling EFI fuse. MIL will not reset. Cannot pull codes by shorting TE1 to E1 on diag connector. Car runs rough, (no. 4 cyl has stuck injector), has very hi idle and emits a very rich smell. Will replace inject but need help resetting MIL. Good compression, good spark, good injector pulse. Thanks

Also the interior lights come on and off, Windows, A/C want work.

replace fuel filter,dist,plugs,water pump,timing belt.has plenty fuel at fuel rail.but no power at connectors to injectors.
hope someone can help ?

No power to injectors. With noid testers.runs if put gas in throttle.for few seconds.engine light flashes all the time with tester in. turn key on engine light on without I have short in wiring harness some where? Cause check fuses relay with ohm meter the ohm out.

I put fuel in intake it runs

Replaced coil distributor timing belt water pump timing pulleys fuel filter spark plugs. Run if put gas in intake for a few seconds till burns it up.

My rpm is running high, what do I have to do to fix it?

Engine speed sensor?

Transmission fluid

The temperture gauge went clear to H so i puled over waited for it to cool and drove it home. the wter in the radiator was pushing the water to the reservoir and then boiled hot then dripped out of over flow hose what do you thin the problem is i had the thermostat replaced but now they are telling me the water pump needs replaced as well what do you think