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This is the first time this has happened and is that a leak in the gas line
The rear running lights stopped working on my car. But the brake lights still work. Usually a light comes on in dash when a light is blown and I've not seen it yet and the bulbs look fine. Is there a fuse I need to...
Driving n dash lights went out. Parking lights still work. Also Reverse lights dont work but I think thats a separate issue. If it is a fuse, which one?
drives fine in drive, won't back-up in reverse, but shifts into reverse just fine.
Drained 3 gallons thru fuel line at tank, but slow. Is there another faster way to drain water/gas from tank?
what would cause this instant vibrating stall when the car is put in drive. car does not have a miss so i don't think it's the plugs or wires. car idles fine in park and neutral and works fine in reverse. just stalls ...
light sometimes comes on when i KNOW theres 5 gal of fuel in tank. the gauge was reading 1/4 tank now after fuel additive its reading about 1/8 tnk. the tank is darn near full. thanks, asswype
i checked it myself. the car starts fine. if you put it in reverse, or neutral the engine works fine. but when you put it in drive it vibrates and stalls.