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engine is completely dry no water and I have changed 3 distributers already an still same problem
It goes down good. It takes 6 to 8 attempts to raise completely
The key can even be removed wile engine is running. Battery is running down when car is sitting. Can switch be allowing contact to Acc? All other systems are ok.
When I first changes one of the lights in back I put the wrong light in . I have changed it to the right light but the tail lights still don't come on. I have brake lights.
I know where the fuse box is located I just don't know what fuse goes to what. The dome light went out and I already changed the bulb but still no light.
I need to know who manufactured my transmission so I can get a shift solenoid for it. Torque convertor lock out solenoid #1. VIN #: 4T1SV21E5LU160836
cables hooked-up wrong-car has no power at ignition switch-1 headlight blew out-but other external lights work-Is there a fusible link or fuse that could have possibly blew out. Thanks for your time and efforts!!
brake lights and turn signals work, but the tail lights are out just like these other posts. however, my dash board lights are gone too. i got stopped by the police at night and at the time i didn't even have headligh...
it also drives in neutral when you put it in park the engine wont rev up what should I look for to fix this
The head broke off the bolt and my son threw it away when he got a new bolt. The new bolt is not the correct bolt, threads are too far apart. I have checked many places, auto parts stores, Fastenal, and some junk deal...