Mercedes-Benz E320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz E320 Third (high) Brake Light Housings May Melt

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The third (high) brake light housing may melt, resulting in a loss of electrical contact for the light, which stops working. A complete housing (contacts and lens) is needed to repair the problem. On certain vehicles, if this happens, the anti-lock brake system will not function. The brakes will work in normal mode, but not provide the ABS control.

Bulb did not want to connect properly on one side .Wasn't flush. Used dab of gorilla glue on the area no problem since. Lamp defective light hasnt come back on. Yet! -
all brake lights broken -
Brake light housing (twice) -
I try to change the lamp. When I touch the housing it just break in little parts. -
Still broke. -
Third brake light housings melted but only caused it to not operate. -
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