Chevrolet Tahoe Problem Report

Chevrolet Tahoe The Upper Dash May Crack

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The upper dash may crack, most commonly on vehicles in warm climates and exposed to a lot of sunlight. The common repair is to replace the upper instrument trim panel. Information on a technical service bulletin or extended warranty is not available at this time.

Upper Dash cracked at airbag on passenger side. Center of dash now bounces from weight of center speaker. -
Dash cracked on passenger and driver side. It is really a expensive vehicle made of cheap materials. -
This is the 2nd dash that has broken in this Tahoe. -
crack on driver side and on corner of airbag area on passenger side. Dealer said should be covered -
3 dash cracks! -
Upper driver side dash cracked -
no repaired yet -
dash cracked -
truck has always been garaged dash is cracking on driver side not fixed yet dealer should fix -
Upper dash cracked. Navigation screen went blank. Disconnected battery and reconnected. Screen working now. Be aware, many electrical issues reported on other sites. -
Upper portion of the dash cracking. -
Not fixed. JB WELD did not hold very long,did not get enough of it to hold it together,did not want the dash to look bad. -
Dash cracked in two places. Quote farm dealer $750 -
Crack on the top dash next to the air bag passengers side -
Entire dash replaced -
Just noticed Crack on passenger and driver side dash. Very disappointed in quality of this vehicle. Owned Fords for 30 years and never had any interior defect problems. -
The crack is on the upper dash starts at the airbag. GM customer support will not generate a case to make repair out of the 3/36,000 warranty. I own 3 GM vehicles currently including a 2014 Silverado and they don't give a care. Suggestions how to escalate are welcome. -
I had a vibration in mine that eventually caused several cracks that started all at once. It was a broken clip from when the dealers service replaced my navigation system. they took the dash apart and put it back together with a broken holding clip. Now they are telling me it will be over $400.00. -
Upper Dash Crack -
My upper dash raddled at the speaker after having my navigation system replaced. I returned for service of it several times.I was told that a problem could not be located. After 3 1/2 yrs of having to listen to it, the dash started cracking and that was when I could see that the center locking clip had broken. Apparently it had been broken during the prior repair to the navigation replacement. Now with the vibration the dash has cracked in several other places including down to the airbag and over the instrument panel. I was quoted nearly $600.00 for replacement. So I just add this to the already extremely long growing list of items wrong with my 2009 CHEVY TAHOE XLT. -
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