Ford F-350 Problem Report

Ford F-350 The tachometer sensor may fail

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The tachometer sensor may fail; if the tachometer needle jumps around and the transmission has harsh shifts or does not upshift, this sensor should be checked. This sensor is mounted in a cover at the front of the motor.

Tachometer jumps around, even going to zero, causing irratic down and up shifting of the automatic transmission. Very disconcerting. -
I have a 7.3L and the tachometer started dropping down and becoming erratic (after the engine heated up)then 1800-2000 rpm sometimes it becomes rock solid. So I bought a new sensor from Ford Dealer and I'm about to install it today. This circuit uses a HET (Hall Effect Transister) type pick up and is probably breaking down under heat. It does seem most people have the problem begin around 160,000. -
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