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Dodge Journey The Remote Keyless Entry System May Not Work intermittently

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The remote keyless entry system may not work intermittently. Our technicians suggest upgrading the software in the wireless ignition node (WIN) to correct this concern.

Keyfob works intermittantly, whether trying to unlock, lock or use the remote start. Also starting to have intermittent issues with it not starting! Dealer suggested firmware update, but that did nothing to help. Also, it's not the keyfob battery, already replace that with a brand new battery (in both keyfob's) with no change! -
Incident 1. Key FOB won't open car. Took out spare key, unlocked door, alarm goes off, get in car, shut door, FOB in ignition, turn, car starts, alarm stops. Incident 2. Get in car, put FOB in ignition, turn, no power, no dash gauges, and car does not start, can not put into neutral. Take FOB out, use it to lock door, then unlock door while sitting in car, put FOB back in ignition, turn, car starts. Incident 3. Get into car, put FOB in, turn key, all dash lights work, get a click sound, no start. Put car into neutral, car starts. What a journey in a journey! -
I keep getting key not detected and vehicle will not start -
I get the "key not detected" message a lot. Also get stuck outside my car a lot which is very annoying. I have changed the battery, that isn't the problem. -
Car will not start and gets a "bad key" reading. -
Remote Key will not open back and the unlock button will not open back. Also sometimes no doors will open and other times the doors will not lock. -
sometimes the car won't start,when you turn the key it won't start. Then there are days when I have no problem starting. I was wondering if it could be either the starter or the WIN module. I have been able to put the car in gear without starting and start it. there are also weird things happening, sometimes the window won't respond but if I turn the car off and then on again, its back to normal. Sometimes the panic button will go off when I am pressing the door open button. Sometimes when the car won't start i tap the gear stick and it starts. The battery up until recently maintained its power throughout all of the bad starts, now it has a reading of weak battery. I also hear a click behind the ignition (where the key goes). This has been going on for about one year. It seems to be getting worse. I have not had it fixed yet. I can't afford to get the starter and WIN module replaced. -
intermittent issues with remote (start/lock / unlock ) -
"BAD KEY" message, car will not start. Called the dealer regarding the issue. They suggestion I bring car in (tow it). The Diagnosed cost ($100), towing fee($75), the service tech said no more than $500 at most, depending on the diagnose. No resolution at this time. -
One remote does not work. changed battery. No effect. -
having lots of trouble using the key fob to open my car. I have to push and push the button before I finally get the car unlocked. Dealship told me nothing was wrong. I beg to disagree. It wasnt them standing in the rain with the grandkids waiting for the stupid car to unlock. -
keyless will not start vehicle, what do i need to do -
i went into the store locked the car came out and couldn't get into my car. The emergency key didn't even work. i called my husband to bring the spare (that we have never used before) and it wouldn't work either. Called the dealership and they said to have it towed in because they couldn't figure out why the emergency key wouldn't work! -
The win module has a recall on it and no has parts to fix it in missouri can you help me it is a recall on this vehicle 2009 dodge jpurney -
Key will stop unlocking doors. By using the reserve key to open the car and the old one to turn on the engine the problem was solved. Dublin Ireland -
I have replaced my key once and now the second key is acting as if it wants to stop working as buy a new key was I believe, over $300? replacing the battery was not enough. I am NOT happy about the possibility of doing this again - especially after only two or three years -
car will not start, and the alarm goes off when I use the key to get in the car. Dash says Keyless key not detected. Had to tow it to the dealer -
Key fob doesnt always unlock doors, ignition start fails -
Several times would not start (bought brand new)Performance Dodge could not find any codes for it. Took it other places, same result. Finally agreed for dealer to replace "control module" on dash to the tune of $536. 7 weeks later, same problem. Tow truck driver wiggled wire by starter and it worked. Had to have it towed 2 times so far for the starting issue, plus paid for rental car. the starting issue is not fixed, but I will always have to have a passenger or nice stranger to help me wiggle the wire or turn the ignition! Brake caliper stuck, almost started fire. That was another tow to the dealer to be fixed. High beam head lights come on by themselves and flashed off and on. Dealer had never heard of that issue, I finally hit the end of the control lever, and it hasn't been an issue so far. My 2nd key fob seldom works on the locks. None of the issues have been resolved<(except maybe the brakes, but I doubt it!) -
Seems to be worse when the weather is cold. Have been having issues with the FOB for unlocking the door but today (at 28 degrees) after buying gas, the dash told me the FOB was not detected so car wouldn't start. I locked & unlocked, opened & closed doors several times and after I finally held the FOB in my hand & in my coat pocket for a couple of minutes (like it had to "warm up") I finally got the car to start. -
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