Temperature Knob May Break on Honda Accord

The temperature control knob may break, requiring replacement.

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Average mileage: 158,588 (12,400–376,242)
9 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999
75 people reported this problem
37 people shared problem details
1993 Honda Accord376,242
Replaced temperature knob several times until the shaft actually broke. Needs new unit to fix. Have not done it yet, requires removing nearly the whole dashboard from what I was told.
1994 Honda Accord230,000
heater temperature knob spins freely, heat stuck on full. Not fixed yet - does the whole dashboard have to come off?
1995 Honda Accord343,201
when your heater control knob breaks,, go to the parts store and find a hose clamp the same size and put it on the back of the know where it sticks out.. fixed !!
1996 Honda Accord181,000
Both the fan and temperature knobs are broken enough that they no longer fit properly on the control stems and turn past the setting marks.
1992 Honda Accord267,000
Using blankets and not fixing it due to high mileage. Cold but my Honda's still going!!!
My fan speed knob broke. Still need the part. Currently using pliers. They work fine though.
1996 Honda Accord160,000
Little plastic bits inside knob shattered. Can still turn shaft behind knob with pliers. Can't turn it by hand. Ac unit otherwise it unaffected and works fine at fixed temperature setting.
heater temp slider knob broke off.
temp knob broke, glued it back together. The actuator cable from temp know to air flow damper will not close entirely for cooling. I manually closed the air damper for summer driving (and full air conditioning).
1995 Honda Accord150,000
temp knob broke, twice. has been replaced
1997 Honda Accord137,000
Temp knob popped off. I was able to get it back on but the metal part actually got turned so far that it was pointed down away from the blue-red temp gauge. I took pliers and cranked it back up and it seems to be working now.
1996 Honda Accord236,500
The climate control intensity (0-4 speeds) knob cracked where it held on to the shaft.
1996 Honda Accord201,000
temp control nob broke because the inside is getting stuck and causing the nob to break, have yet to figure out a solution. ordered new nob for now
1999 Honda Accord130,000
Mileage is estimate. Yeah, my knob broke. I assumed it was just "abuse" by other family members. Will get it replaced because the stem is wicked hard to turn manually.
1994 Honda Accord165,000
Have to take out the whole cluster to fix it.
1996 Honda Accord12,400
knob broken .replaced
1994 Honda Accord200,000
The temp knob broke ... the cylinder that the metal rod inserts into literally split in half. I bought a new one on eBay for $5.
1999 Honda Accord90,000
knob for heat control broke
Hasn't been repaired.
The temperature know broke. Had to be replaced with new.
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