Tandem Hydraulic Pumps May Leak From Either Section on Mercedes-Benz CL500

Some models have tandem hydraulic pumps—one section for power steering and the other for suspension adjustment. These pumps are prone to leakage from either section.

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Average mileage: 68,178 (57,000–83,000)
5 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, more2004
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Had hydraulic pump changed several months ago due to rear left wheel base falling below driveable condition. Repalced pump Sovlved problem for 3 month at which point I stated to hear a rumble come from under side of car that could only be heard from inside the cabin. I initially feared transmission but within a day of noice starting I Noticed the left rear begin fall again. When I took it back to mechanic he informed me that the hydraulic pump had gone bad and replaced it under warranty, in additionhe also changed The Resovoir filters which were clogged. Unfortuantely the noise under car has not subsided and after a week of use the rear left has begun to fall again. Is there any special procedures that have to be considered when replacing pump & filters ?
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leak in driveway and rear shocks not responding
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leak, and i need help to fix!!! doubletgroup@gmail.com
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Tandem Hydraulic Pump failing. Needs to be replaced along with the valve block according to the Mercedes Dealership. Estimated cost is $5700.00. Seems to be a common problem I've been told. Bummer.
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just bought the car with 70000 miles 800 miles more and been having problems with it leaking they change the part which was the pump and it wouldn't hold pressure they went and got the pump from the dealer and just started leaking again two days later when I got it back. what's the deal with this car
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