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Honda Civic Tail Light Gaskets Can Leak Water Inside Vehicle/Into Assembly

Honda Civic Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1990, 1991, 2000


Leaking tail light gaskets can allow water into the tail light assembly and inside the vehicle. Replacing the tail light gaskets will commonly correct this issue.

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    Water condensation in headlights housing. Im having too problems meeting California smog requirements due to an engine, tranny possibly,& computer swapped out done previously to the car before I purchased it from used dealer and wasnt told of the swap or that there were a.ny major changes to main components. Taking dealer to civil court for illegal smog as well as taking the smog shop too. Can anyone tell me
    if by California sta.dards on emissions in july of 2011 if a vtec d15b manual 5 can be converted to run off and meet requirements with a ecu ccomputer from a b16a compatible computer
    Or a Pr3-j00. Im thinking no because of of the difference in engine size. My 1.5Land computer is for 1.6L

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