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I lost my manual, and im currently at 87,000 miles. I dont really know when I should change my timing belt. I know its soon, but I need to budget.
I bought it in 2010 and it never had cruise control. Now I see all the others advertised with cruise control and am wondering what happened to mine ... does it have to be installed or is it maybe just a fuse I need t...
what is wrong when the air bag light starts coming on while driving and goes off and then doesn't do it anymore?
it runs fine then suddenly stops accelerating then i have to stop the engine and switch on then it works perfectly for few miles the same thing i replaced all new plugs and serviced the whole fuel system what could b ...
my check engine light goes off and on all the time, and its been dying while im driving it. it starts back up but it does it over and over again once it starts.
why would the oil light be on and the engin makes a wineing nose