The rpms goes to like 2,000 to 3,000 then it's still sluggish. But reverse goes good.. what's wrong.. just started today..

Pump and filter. Replaced2 coil packs all spark plugs and air filter. What else could it be?

When i was driving it just cut off and now it makes a ticking noise when i try too start it and it won't start?

I have checked if wheel was turned to far to either side, I have unlocked shifter pin and tried in neutral, I have jacked up car to see if loose tires would help, and have checked fuses.
No luck yet !!!

I have a p0128 code and need to replace my thermastat i dont know if it's on the top radiator hose or bottom

Every once in a while when it's cold my key won't turn i try moving the prndL and hit the break sometimes that works but not every time what could it be?

there are no codes. bought the car with noise, but was told that it came on suddenly - the noise listening through a steithiscope seems to be coming from across entire valve train

The car tends to have an unusual tracking phenomenon when taking either a wide turn at moderate speeds or tight turns at low speed. This occurs to both front or back wheels depending on where the weight is focused. Its disturbing enough to where an inexperienced driver could easily lose control. Car has 150K miles and problem appears to be getting worse. Any ideas or suggestions

It cuts off when you are at low idle, trying to back up or come to a stop. What causes this?