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I recently did tune up and changed two of the six coiles, replaced thermostat, the car feels like choking
all interior electrical works like heater, radio, dash lights, etc. but car does not want to turn over and start.
This happened in a Suzuki Verona 04' that I bought. It starts n runs but to scared to blow up the engine. We were told a man looked at it and THOUGHT it needed a new oil pump. My uncle looked at it and said he didn't ...
purchased the car about 6 months ago and ive always had this problem, sometimes the time shows up sometimes it doesn't. I have replaced the battery with a brand new one and still having this problem??? could it be a w...
if let the car seat for about 5 minutes sometimes three days then it will crank
what does the hold button do?
i only had the care for 6 months, it was fine at the car lot, a week later he was jerking, i thought it was the transmission, but its not. Something about the sensors, i was gonna go somewhere and my car just wont sta...
The car misses between 40 and 50 before and after and during idle fine ?
Straight road car is fine. When idlejng no problem but when giving it gas it sounds like a bee buzzing but very loud could it be the cats? I had it ran at autozone and it says o2 sensor bad .
I bought the car and the guy said the sound would stop when he changed the oil it didn't...the oil was really low and dirty...please help me I need to know what it is I thought it was the lifters but a mechanic said i...
Once the car is shifted from park, the brake lights do not work.