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I bought a new Mazda so I parked my Suzuki in the garage. It was last driven regularly in February. When I started it last week and drove it, the yellow check engine light came on and started blinking. What could cau...
If I give it to her and exceed over 50 mph, it goes away.
when i drive in snow road? When i made turn?
When i stock in snow if i give more gas at that time. first it started when i had made sharpe turn ( 90 degree turn) ABS light came, and after that it come quite frequently.
I know it is under the dashboard but can't see it
after driving in heavy wet snow my AWD and heater blower stopped working. Fuses look fine. What else should I look at?
The lights stay on during the day, they won't turn off at day time at all
THE garage I took it to wanted to fix it and not to replace the entire door, I would like to know how much would cost to replace the entire door? he is asking 1100.00 just to put some touch to it is this reasonable pr...
2008 with 44,000 miles. Car was running hot, and took to garage who diagnosed the thermostat and replaced it. Picked the car up on day one - still running hot. Returned on day two and was told there might be an air...
I don't want to pay a mechanic to tear the engine apart, just to tell me they are stumped. My mechanic is at a loss and advised me to go to a Suzuki dealer (we don't have one close by). Any advise would be helpful.