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I was driving through a curvy road at night. Then engine stopped half way through a curve no sputter no bucking just stopped. It was making a kind of burr-hum noise, kind of like a pulse jet engine makes. The ...
fuel pump becomes inop when turn signal activated
Check engine light came on when driving to work. Stayed on when driving home. I could not detect any other problems.
It came on in the morning when going to work. Not driving on highways. Was still on after work, but was able to drive home.
i just put on the head myself
I am about to replace the front wheel bearing on my Swift. Do I need a slide hammer? Besides the caliper and the rotor; what else do I have to remove to get the job done?
I was told that I needed to have the outer tie rods replaced on both sides. The inside of the tires looked like it was wearing. This was about six months ago and I have not done it yet, finances. Is a wheel alignme...