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when started it runs really rough, very strong gas odor and white smoke emitting from the tail pipe.
Does any one know if there are any hidden relays besides the engine and cabin locations?
I have changed the belts and no change still whining every now and again when I accelerate in 5th gear
I have replaced it twice this week do u have a solution?
Guy wants to charge me $1400 for a used differential installed. Is that a good price?
I was hearing a loud squealing noise when started. Then it would go away when it was warm. The steering was fine. The mech. said the differential was bad and it housed the rack and pinion which had failed too, and ha...
my suzuki G vitara 2004 makes a loud grinding noise from the back tires when I'm driving. My car is and automatic. It only makes noise when in drive gear.Anyone no what the problem is?
i have a short in the wireing fuse blows wont come outta park replace fuse open n close back door then will work how do i get the dash off i took radio out all screws i can see but seems like something in the middle h...
whats the torque procedure and final torque on a 2.5lt crank,head and con. rods?