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Every time that our vehicle goes over 25mph the cab of the vehicle smells like ammonia really bad. Our vehicle is an automatic and we don't know what is going on. We have taken the vehicle to a mechanic and no one in ...
We are getting a low hum and grinding that seems to get worse with more speed. We took it to a shop and they said it was the right wheel bearing. They replaced it and it helped slightly but got worse quickly. We to...
for a 2-wheel drive 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara - Thank you
engine has 10 miles on it just rebuilt.when try to accelerate it coughs and almost stops step on gas and it tries to die and almost stops
after it's all warmed up the suv comes out of park
The engine fuse is blowing intermittently what could be causing the problem? Recent items worked on the timing belt was change and now sweeks sometimes. A relay was replaced resently. mclinton113@gmail.com
My door locks keep locking by them selves even when the car is not running. I get locked out.
Blower motor makes noise when fan is on for Air conditioner, blower motor works normal when heat is on. Tell me how to repair this.
My link has broke and I ordered a new one, how do I install the new one? Do i have to take out the whole sunroof?
I need to know the location of the starter relay, I have no power getting to the solenoid key switch wire, I tryed jumping power across the solenoid and it starts right up..
WIll Suzuki do anything to help us??
do brakes get wet? over the last rainy week I noticed when I take my foot off the brakes when parking (not while driving) or pulling out into traffic where you move an inch or two and break is not smooth, but makes a ...
when ever it wants to it does not start. dash light come on headlights etc. i checked all the fuses starter & relays. All fine. it will work fine for weeks or months, then out of nowhere it does it again. once i could...
Should I remove fan or fan shroud to change the power steering belt on my 2001 G. Vitara XL-7. Is it a 1/4" ratchet I need to use on the tensioner or Allen wrench or what? It's an allen wrench bolt on the bottom of th...
Where do I find the computer box in thr Grand Vitara