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Maf code pops up p0102. Car runs with it unplugged. As soon as i connect it it dies. Replaced maf and still same symtom. code reader reads 0 volts on maf and tps. I heard if you disconect the battery terminals and ...
I have replaced headlight bulbs and the fusses are good, still no low beam headlights! Is their a head light relay and where is it?
when I turn key lights on dash board come,but no current to starter
My vehicle is chugging. I think it's the fuel filter and hoping it's not the fuel pump. I can often smell fuel in the vehicle.
Light's are a big issue with my car. Back up light never worked. Bulbs all are good. Now my head lights are a big problem. I found a burned/melted fuse. Changed it. Now the fuss seems loose. I have to get out and wigg...
The idle goes to zero and it stalls
Back light hanging by wires. How do I reattach it? Do I need to take interior panel off door?
when the shift lever is put in drive it jump and the same in reverse can it be the transmission mounts?
How can I attach the pic. of light signal showing on the display since am failing to explain it
no codes just I need to know what head pressure it should be at when charging the system