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Mass Or Volume Air Flow A Circuit Low Input. Is there something I could do to correct the problem on my own?
It seems my defrost isnt working and the front floor is wet
why is this happening? Can someone help me. people are saying it is because the oil pump is damaged
A little while ago my suzuki started making a rhythmic grinding from my driver's side rear tire. Rhythmic in the sense that when Im speeding up the rhythm picks up. So, we figured it was the wheel bearing needing to b...
my interior lights ,and clock , are not working , i have checked fuses under the bonnet and in drivers side footwell to no avail, any ideas ? tim
when am driving and my gas is low my fuel warning light dont come on at all.
many times car stop on red lights
Ive changed spark plugs and wires o2 sensors map sensor ecm t.p.s sensor and still rough idle and missing timing is good and no intake leaks what will fix this car!!
I think the fuse for my radio/cigar lighter is blown. I've read the manual to change the 20A fuse on the interior fuse box, but I can't locate the fuse box. The manual says it's on the left side of the driver's dash...