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What is the spss light? Is it safe to drive with it on?
At first a fuse for the interior lights and headlights had blown so i located it and replaced it. then as i was driving my speedometer did not work. my check engine light came on then the airbag light and then my powe...
OBD II wont come up with ok changed battery mow not ready
Also changed the valve cover gasket at the same time.
Just need to know how long it takes to fix as well
My wife had a minor accident and now the steering is off. When left wheel is straight, the right wheel is turned out. What would cause that? A bent tie rod? A bent control arm? How would I determine which one?
Need to test the solenoid switch and starter need wiring diagram but cant find one. Help
new battery all lights light up when start but no click or crank
remove and replace timing belt, how long does it take?
Do I need tape, glue, a new hose? Looks like an easy fix but not sure.