Chevrolet Tahoe Problem Report

Chevrolet Tahoe Sunroof May Stop Working

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The sunroof may stop working for various different reasons. Our technicians tell us it is often better to replace the complete sunroof assembly than to try and repair the old one.

The plastic "windguard" that goes up and down when opening and closing the sunroof broke. Requires a whole new sunroof. -
Leaking around sunroof seal. Took over 7 trips to dealership and they still counldn't figure it out. My husband finally took the sunroof apart and found the seal that was faulty and had to point it out to the dealer. -
just bought used Tahoe, sunroof stuck open. I am considering replacing it. -
stuck open -
The sun room looks like it is not closing securely ... from the outside it looks like it has been pushed down. -
sorry, didn't know about this site, my tahoe had to have the entire mounting assy replaced. took the dealer several times to locate the noise (had only used the sunroof once) -
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