Sun Visors May Not Retract as Designed on Honda Civic

The sunvisor may come apart or split causing it not to remain in the stowed position. On some models, Honda has extended the warranty on these sunvisors to 7years or 100,000 miles. Please contact your local Honda dealer for more information. To find a Honda dealer near you please click here»

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Average mileage: 58,786 (5,000–145,000)
5 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2010
80 people reported this problem
50 people shared problem details
I have had to replace both sun visors every summer since I bought the vehicle as the glue that holds them together melts in the NM summer
2007 Honda Civic44,000
Visor split along seam at back
2010 Honda Civic45,000
Sun visor split
2010 Honda Civic60,000
Both visors split and nonfunctional. Had same problem after 2 years and were replaced under warranty
sunvisor has been replaced on drivers side twice by honda. broken again. next owner will repair. add to the list of motor mounts, control arms, new tires every 20k miles, alignment every 10k, now paint is cracking on the hood. Car is garaged since new and well taken care of. Quality is suffering at Honda, at least on Civic models. Taking my money elsewhere next year, not to Honda
2009 Honda Civic70,000
replaced by the dealership , no charge
Drivers side sun visor splits open when you push it down to block the sun. When you push it back up to the retracted position, it does not stay up and out of view.
2006 Honda Civic145,000
Split at the seam. I tried to glue it, but didn't work.
2007 Honda Civic85,000
Had to buy a new visor second time it was replaced on driver side.
had to replace the sun visors!
Sunvisor on both sides split open and won't function. Honda will not do anything except sell you the parts for their low quality install.
2008 Honda Civic60,000
Visor won't stay up. Haven't fixed it yet, but have bought a replacement visor.
My drivers side sun visor does not work and had to be removed to avoid the distraction..
2007 Honda Civic25,000
TWICE! But under warranty
Visor has broken withing a year of purchasing it new...could cause an accident
2008 Honda Civic30,000
Two small diameter bolts with washers, some cheap epoxy and it's fixed. This is a design flaw that needs reinforcement to work properly.
2007 Honda Civic35,000
driver side broke
2007 Honda Civic65,000
Visor plastic split and will no longer retain visor in up position. I had to drill some holes in the visor and use some threaded posts to temporarily repair the visor. Bad design.
Sun visor won't retract. This was replaced once at the dealer now it's broken again.
2006 Honda Civic84,500
right side visor appears to be coming apart and now will not stay in upright position.
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