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My car rattles in the undercarriage as I excel and the I get to 35 it quiets down. It started yesterday after I when to car wash and steadily gotten worse. Last week my check engine went on however I was thinking th...
Does this has anything to do with the battery?
it seems like it has trouble switching gears then it will go, it has a good shake to it as you slow down, and when it does have trouble it can back fire sometimes and spudders
I can feel the clunking also. It seems like wheel bearings This is a AWD vehichle.
I loose about a quart of oil every 3000 miles. Can I ignore the leak and keep topping up? The leak appears to be near the exhaust pipe.
When fueling the car the pump has to run very slowly. The nozzle clicks off and you can hear the fuel inthe fill neck. Any suggestions?
cost for replacing spark plu seals and rings, oil in 3 of them
I brought my car on for it's 60,000 mile tune up and my mechanic noticed that the antifreeze was low and says i need a new head gasket. there is no overheating or any other issues at all except it was low on antifreez...