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made a funny nock /slap underneath then noticed speedo not working went to start and move an hour later and drive line wont spinn
This has less than 150,000 miles on car losing power esp. on hills diagnosed plugged converter is covered under a warranty can't drive no power
soft brake pedal pump twice they work fine had rotors and pads replaced rebuilt master cylinder and calipers had no visible leaks now what do I do Barry Scott
The rear brakes need to be replaced 12/2010 at 130K and was just recently replaced at 4/09 at 120K. Why so frequently? M
Air conditioning works 1st time, good and cold,till you arrive at your destination, but fails to work when you restart the car to come home. rweddell@hotmail.com
HElp!! How much oil goes in a 2002 subaru legacy 2.5L engine. They put 6 qts in when I had the oil changed. is this too much? My engine light keeps coming on - had spark plugs and wires replaced twice in 1 month and ...
how serious a problem is this?
How often do you need to replace the struts? The dealer said that they were leaking and needed replacement. The car has 60000 miles on it.