I had my battery tested and they told me it was in good condition. I have just recently replaced the alternator so I know it is good. Jet if I let my car sit overnight the battery is dead in the morning. If I disconnect the battery it holds a charge just fine.

The button is broken off on the door so the light indicating that door is not closed stays on.

Manual transmission, To start with the key the clutch has to be in so by popping the cluch that with may not engage

it just happened, it won't go into any gear at all. I can push the clutch in and i can go through all the gears but nothing happens

left front master switch replaced

The ABS light came on after a sudden stop
and stayed on.

My vehicle is a Legacy Outback. Some times I smell a burning smell. Some times it smells like oil and other times like hot water. The dealer showed me that I have oil leaking from Head gasket. There is oil accumulated on parts under the car, but I have never seen any oil on the ground where I park. The dealer said I need to replace the Head gasket for $1,500. I have the following two questions, please:
1) A friend was told she had to replace her Head gasket and then a second mechanic said it just needed to be tightened. How do I know if it needs to be replaced or tightened?
2) If I replace the Head gasket, is there any chance, there would be a recurring problem with this car?

just replaced the cooked alternator it heated up and smoked

how to replace a bulb behind the tachometer on a legacy 2000 wagon

does the cost for changing rack and pinion the same as replacing steering rack

is it safe to drive vehicle when abs light goes on the dashboard?

I wanted to know the estimate (labor + parts) to replace a knock sensor for a Subaru Legacy 2000 (2.5L) car.

How long does a job like this last?

Pratt Harris