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He taps on the starter and it may or may not start. Now the check engine light is on. The problem use to happen a few times a month. Now it's a couple times a week. Thanks
This occurs every time a turn is made. The tighter the turn, the more strain appears to be placed on the engine.
while driving my car the elect. system completely shut off no door locks,lights or hazard lights ignition switch wouldn't unlock to remove the key and trans. selector wouldn't shit into neutral to push out of traffic ...
going down the road on a 100 plus degree evening my car shut off on its own nothing elect. would work and the ignition would only let me turn the key to ON ,START ,and LOCK but would not release the key to pull it ou...
altenator shuts down car runs off battry, no altenator light comes on. if the car sits over night altenator works fine until it does it again.computer? what relay can do this? help perplexed.
My radio stopped working but the fuses in the fuse panel are good
The fuel pump is not working on my 1997 Subaru Wagon with a 2.5L engine. It just up and quit on me. I put in a new fuel pump and assembly, put in new relays and checked the fuses and wireing. The fuel pump is good....
Just bought a 1997 Legacy wagon that overheats. The radiator hose, the lower return does not get hot. Is this a bad water pump(where is it located anyways?) or just a plugged radiator? Best way to determine which it is?
i cleaned the egr valve and its still running rough codes say misfire on all four cylinders what should i do now
I'm trying to change the thermostat on my engine but I'm having difficulty locating it.
First of all, thanks for the info you provide, because it helped me lower the cost of some recent major repairwork. However, I still have the same problem: sometimes my car has a clicking sound when I try to start it ...
Can I put a 1992 2.2 in a 1997 2.5 Legacy? Both are non turbo. Do I need to swap harness or flexplate or trans,or is this even a swap that can be done? Thanks