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My car was shaking an making noise in the front end especilly toward the front passenger took axle nut off to get to wheel bearing an can't take it out also trying to check tirods an anything else that would make the ...
i had my tran replaced how can i tell if the auto trans control system is properly working
the power indicator light is flashing how do i address a possible auto tran control system issue
Turns over but will not start.
Radio dies when I hit a bump. Will sometimes comes on after I shut it off and turn it back on or switch from AM to FM. Grounded the attena to the frame and that helped a little while.
so the car runs on the batt untill its dead.no batt light comes on so i dont know.had rebuilt ok for a while but still does it.how can this happen without batt light coming on?checked wires ok fuses ok battery good un...
after a while it will ingage and shift ok until its shut off.and then it takes 10 seconds or so to ingage again but reverse slips all the time.no codes.
Checked battery and changed gas filter along with plugs starter workes fine and can hear fuel pump on was told the coolent temp switch runs the starting of the car but this morn it tried to start than could not hear f...
right cv so had that fixed but it didnt change--was told to balace & align tires-that helped slightly but then tire place said all 4 wheels were out of round & I should replace all rims & tires--doesnt seem likely th...
I checked the fluid level and it seemed to be normal. So what happened and what is the solution?
altenator tested ok,but for some reason the battery is not being charged,cleaned all connections ,battery ok, grounds ok,could it be the ignition switch?
my subaru is blowing the fuse when i start the car. i can change it get it started but it blows and i have to replace it to restart the car.