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the clutch adjustment seems right and fluid is topped off. read about backflushing the system. how is this done? thanks
It is hard to start in the morning takes a few tries when I push on the gas while idling while it trys to start it dies. Friend told me it could be my fuel filter? ALSO a green power light flashes on sometimes when it...
Can the use of regular cheap gas instead of super cause car to die out quickly?
Had the battery and alternator individually tested and replaced at the same time about a month ago. Car has been fine since then, but last night the battery was dead. After getting a jump, all the dash lights seemed d...
i jump started a car and later that day my battery light came on along with my abs and brake light on the dash board. the next day my car would'nt start. what could be the cause of the lights staying on?
the light wont turn off at all so what do i do about it
I hadnt jacked it up yet. are the wheel bearings bolted or do they have to be pressed out?
When it rains in my hometown the sunroof drips water slowly, into the car. I need to know what I need to do to fix it. It happens often. Do I replace the seal? OR? What?
Somehow spark plug fell out, does the car need a to be taken into a shop to be check out or can I just replace the spark plug?
I replaced the spark plugs and was wondering if I should replace the wires also. Sounds like it is missing
I followed the manual and made sure all three marks were set. The car turns over but no ignition. How do you tell if the number 1 cylinder is TDC at the compression stroke and what exactly true dead center mean. If ...
car ran fine after belt adjustment. crankshaft pulley was not tightened down good enough came off , killed my key car still ran. parts came in, timing belt replaced wont start now. no codes come up. do my cams have ...
replace rotor and brake pads, rotor would not come off
I loose the hose to the tank and unscrewed 3 botls at filler cap but I still cannot take out the old leaking pipe. What else do I need to do to replace the leaking pipe?