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Chevrolet Trailblazer stuck in park

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my car get stuck in park and i have to fight and wiggle it for almost a half an hour. and when i finally get to go when i stop and try to get out it wont let the key out. -
My Trailblazer shifter started getting stuck in park around the 90K mile mark. Dealer diagnosed the problem as the neutral safety switch (after replacing the solenoid & eventually the entire shifter). Problem occurred again several times within 5K miles and 2 more NSS were tried. Eventually the dealer mechanic cleaned up a ground near the NSS and problem went away until now. Vehicle is now at 116K miles. -
Broken shifter cable end.. Replaced cable. -
The transmission will not shift. The stick will move but the display stays in park. -
My trailblazer wont not start. Checked the battery & starter, all fine. still not getting any power to the starter & the transmission is stuck in park. -
I went to back out of a parking spot and shift to drive but it stayed in reverse. Found that the shift selector cable bushing had broke and came Loose. It was a $10 part and took me less than 15 minutes to install. Had to use a set of ramps so I could fit under the truck and a pair of channel locks to snap the two back together. -
shift gear stuck in park -
Stuck in park engine starts shifter moves but gear stays in park -
Got stuck in Dallas on a Sunday. Got gas, put car into drive and attempted to drive forward but went in reverse instead. Fortunately I found a Firestone that was open and they sent a flatbed to get me. Seems as though the Gear shift cable went out. That was costly at over $1000 to get fixed and an overnight stay plus a days vacation. -
my gear lever is stuck in park and the car says it in drive -
Truck struck in park -
Started car thought it was battery but it dead in reverse then it was stuck not able to release to netural or park. The warning lights lights never coame on or have there been any problems with car. Still trying to see if it's the Netural safety switch aor the gear shift cable. -
It has been awhile since this problem happened but I figured out it happens when the the dash lights and meters loose power or something. When that happens, the power window on the driver side will not work as well as the power door lock for the drivers side. When the meters and the indicaters go out on me and it is sporadic, I make sure I don't use the window so that it doesn't get stuck in the down position. I figure it is a short or something. THe car is getting old so I haven't bothered to try to get it fixed. When it got stuck in park and the shifter said it was in drive, I couldn't get the key out. THey had to come tow it and the mechanic didn't know what was wrong with it. It started working as sporadically as it happens. -
my trailblazer is missing the shift cable however it says it is in neutral but mechanic said dont mean it was and that it cranks sometimes and sometimes it don't. We are trying to see if we just need to replace the shift cable since someone took it we already replace fuel hoses connect to gas tank and the neck the gas gets pump into also had locksmith come make a new key by using ignition not our old key can someone please help me figure out what is going on i am spending money and dont really trust what mechanic is saying its always some new reason for it.. -
well mine was stuck in neutral but in effect was the same issue I believe...It wasn't that bad of a fix, replace the neutral safety switch, around 200-300$ parts and labor, fixed the issue -
the shifter would hang it was replace twice -
Ignition starts, but when I go to put the car into gear it will not move. It started doing this several months ago, but after sitting for a day or two would be fine. This time had to have it towed. Have not been able to get it to shift out of park in over a month. Don't want to take it to the dealer just yet. -
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