Cadillac CTS Problem Report

Cadillac CTS Service Stability Message Due to Failed Steering Wheel Position Sensor

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The steering wheel position sensor may fail, resulting in the service stability message being displayed.

My Stabilitiy System Engaged comes up on screen, check engine light and I feel a tug feeling and lose of power for a second. -
Service stability system light comes on and when it does it kicks off my cruise control -
When turning the service stability system is displayed and the car puts on the brakes all by itself. It has also happened at speeds of 35 mph and the brakes lock up and car slows to almost dead stop. I take foot off accelerator and cost and within seconds am able to apply gas again. Almost got me killed yesterday. -
I recall the message came up saying the Stability Control System. Had to take it to the my Cadillac Dealer and have the stability Control Sensor replaced, the sensor is in the steering wheel. it cost me about $500 + -
while driving about 35 miles or more the stabilizing service system kicks on, it feels like the car trying to stop while driving, and when you hit the brakes its like a vibrating feeling. -
Just had the car try and kill me the other day while accelerating and at about 30mph, it locked the front right brake and veered right, almost onto the shoulder. I braked manually and pulled over restarting the car and it was fine. Been getting a service stability system message every now and then, but no symptoms until now. Going to replace the steering wheel position sensor. Heard that is a common fix. Go to Rock auto to find the part. It is made by Airtex/Wells and can be had for around $75. -
I have had the service stablilty light go on many time a day. and the car does a quick movement as if i was racing and have to hold that wheel tight when in fact I am even undeR speed limit... cts/2003 / I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO/ COULTER DEALER I TOOK IT TOO DIDNT DO NOTHING! JUST STATED CERTAIN PART NOT MADE ANYMORE / VEHICLE NOW HAS 77,000 MILES -
I just had the same problem 2 weeks ago. -
Sets codes and turns on stability control system. Eventually message comes up to service stability system. -
Getting abs light and traction control light on. Als a service stability and service abs light. Braking assistant is turned off. Code says it's a steering wheel position sensor... Causes my car to engage the right front brake above 30 mph. Making the car swerve to the right towards the ditch or traffic depending on what lane I'm in. Miss very dangerous and it's my only car... I use the interstate to and from work but have been taking the back roads for now till I get this figured out... -
Power steering is leaking / spitting out power steering onto engine -
for about a year i would just disable the traction control( button inside the glove box) that did work. finally too it to the local car shop (upstate sc). was fixed in a day and was $250 -
Stabilitrak and ABS errors popped up as soon as I started driving; didn't feel any traction problems. Traction engaged a couple of days prior while going low speed over a bump. -
Just within the last week it came on twice. today it came on one right after another about 10 times. -
Steering wheel position sensor replaced it cost $400 -
Steering Wheel position sensor -
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the engine sounds like the valves are pecking, car was towed to the dealership, they said that the bad sensor would not cause the pecking, and suggested a new engine. please help Gary
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