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Toyota Camry Steering Rack & Pinion leak

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The proper repair for a leaking Steering Rack & Pinion is replacement with a new unit.

I was told I needed the rack and pinion replaced because of a leak. However, I do not have any signs of a leak on my garage floor and I have not had any problems with steering or noises while turning the steering wheel. I am wondering if I really need the whole thing replaced or not. I was first told of the "problem" about 15 months ago and again just a few weeks ago. -
During servicing of the car, the mechanic found a power steering fluid leak and said I had to replace the rack and pinion steering unit between the front tires. He said the part itself cost $560 and the total cost will be $1,400. That seems very steep to me. -
My husband and I bought my 2005 Toyota Camry LE in 2007. Every since I bought the car, I had problems with a squeaking sound when turning the wheel. I was told that some kind of belt gets dry and has to be oiled ever so often. Well, I just had to replace the rack and pinion along with the steering knuckle. I believe that was the problem all along! This has cost OVER $500. Has anyone else experienced this problem? -
Boot on passenger side shows signs of leak but reservoir indicates it is more of a weep. Top off(1-2 oz) once a year solves the problem. -
Took car into dealership (Ray Adams Toyota in Lees Summit) to get inspection and oil change to renew tags. Go to dealership every 3 months for oil change. Now they say they won't pass the car, and I the power steering rack and pinion is leaking and need to replace to pass state inspection. Parts $976.81 Labor $385 total 1361.81 plus Flush power Steering system $119.95, plus then will need 4 wheel alignment has to be done with rack replacement, another $119.95 for a grand total of $1601.71 I have no drips in my driveway and they have not mentioned any seepage before. Getting 2nd opinion. -
Leaking steering rack diagnosed in low-mileage 2008 Camry Solara. Cost over $1000 to repair. -
I saw the leak myself while the car was on the lift. The mechanic ordered refurbished Steering Rack & Pinion for around $350 and added $400 for labor. Total was $750. I thought that it was steep, but considering what others have paid, I cannot complain. This was done today. All is fine for now. -
Rack and pinion was leaking. Unit was replaced at 62,000 miles in November 2013 - ten years old and only 63,000 miles. The Authorized Toyota Dealer used a remanufactured (Toyota) part and cost $1,400. In March 2014, the shop reports that the boots have been chewed by something perhaps a rat or mouse. I suspect the boots may be a soy-latex material that attracts rodents. This cost another $350. I am disappointed that the factory original rack and pinion failed at 63,000 miles. It would be a great customer service if Toyota could provide a clamshell boot made out of silicone latex to save owners the expense and inconvenience of such failures. -
Dealer stated that the steering rack and pinion was leaking, also the water pump. Took unit to a local repair shop for comfirmation. Both has a small leak. The local independent shop replaced units at a lot less expense. -
Has not been fixed. Toyota dealership recommends only their parts for replacement at a cost of Approx $1800.00 which includes the boots and motor mounts. -
Not yet repaired. I'm told the Rack is wet. It would not pass State Inspection. I have to schedule for repair, but I need opinions on the cost of repair. -
Well, you take your car (always maintained by a dealer service schedule, for the most part and the car runs like a dream, as expected) and then at 90K, as if on schedule, this stupid and meaningless problem (I drive a Honda CRV also and in the past had a Corolla and they had zero issues) problem, steering rack and pinion leak pops up. The service mgr gently walks up to deliver the bad news, 'nothing major' but needs to be taken care of. Like a growing tumor in your body. Cost, 1200 $ or so. I think Toyota is making lemons. Where is the famed zero error Japanese crap that they extol ? The NHTSA should wake up and get involved. JR Avasarala, MD -
Third rack & pinion replaced in 10 months. The shop has warrantied this twice but they can't tell me why it keeps needing to be replaced. -
purchased as used vehicle. Noticed passenger side steering rack boot was shredded on the bottom and wet in the surrounding area during pre-purchase inspection. Dealership stated seal was leaking on that side of rack and advised replacement. Replaced boot and keep fluid topped-off. Now at 71k miles and no problems. -
Slow leak of rack and pinion now showing white fluid in drive way. -
Dear all, I think you are paying wayyyy too much if you charged over $500. Mine was only $400. But maybe it's by your car model? Got on to get an idea of the part cost first. -
not sure how they missed the leak last month when I had the oil changed. Now all of a sudden I need a new rack & pinion for over $700. Not happy. I just got this car a few months ago. -
At about 110K miles, I was told by the dealer that I had a power steering leak and that the entire rack would have to be replaced. The cost of the repair was estimated to be $1200. I was told to just keep an eye on the fluid level. At 126K, I was told by another dealer that the problem was worsening and I needed to prioritize it. The car also needed a valve cover gasket which was cheaper to fix, but still disappointing. My faith in Toyota reliability is tarnished. I could have bought a Chevy if I wanted to deal with these kind of problems at 120K. -
Told the power steering reservoir was low. Upon inspection found power steering fluid in boot. Would not pass State inspection without replacement. Just an FYI, I had a 2007 Sienna minivan with the exact same problem when it had 108,000 miles. I believe this is an issue witbToyota steering assemblies and needs to be investigated further. Cost me $970 for the van and $1,100 for the car. Very suspicious. -
Power steering fluid leak, torn rubber boot. -
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