Mercedes-Benz ML350 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz ML350 Loss of Power Steering Due to Leaking Steering Rack

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It is not uncommon for the power steering rack to develop a fluid leak requiring replacement of the rack assembly. Loss of power steering fluid may also cause an abnormal noise and damage to the power steering pump.

My 2008 ML350 has developed a very tight steering issue, especially when stopped or moving slowly. The driver can feel flat spots when trying to turn the wheel and the wheel is very difficult to turn. After a decent amount of driving time, it seems to ease up, but for shorter commutes the hard steering lasts the entire time. Power steering fluid has been topped off but wasn't noticeably low when checked. This is a safty concern and it worries me that Mercedes is aware of this, due to the number of customer complaints, and has done nothing about this. Many of these vehicles are driven by females, namely mothers with children, and this problem should be looked into and a permanent repair should come from Mercedes. -
Had to replace the power steering at 59000 miles. Just learned that there was a recall. I was never notified of this by the dealer since I did not own the vehicle when I they sent out notices. So aggravated and seeking recourse. -
I can't believe it. I just paid off my car and now I have to deal with expensive repairs. This is my 2nd Mercedes. I will never buy another one again. -
My car has been leaking power steering fluid since about 110,000 miles. I now constantly replace the fluid on a regular basis rather than paying the $1500 repair cost. -
Noticed leakage on garage floor. Placed drip pan underneath and determined that leakage was power steering fluid. Took to dealer (7th MB, always take to dealer-better results). Dealer said probably steering rack. Options: 1) replace rack, ~$3,000 or 2) install "seal replacement kit", ~1,500. Plan to keep vehicle as has been bulletproof till now. Mech found leak where P/S fluid reservoir attaches to pump and resealed it. Brought home, cleaned garage floor and parked truck. Next day noticed more leakage. Back to dealer. Now mech finds leak at the input shaft on the steering rack, same options. Upon questioning mech says the dealer (small dealership) has done this replacement (option 2) several times and has had no come-back on it so I went with that. Job is labor intensive in that to remove steering rack, the front differential and a support member have to be removed and replaced. Obvious MB knows of this issue but haven't been able to find any MB tech bulletin on it. -
Just learned that my steering rack is leaking and needs to be replaced. $1500 for the parts plus $600 labor. Called Mercedes, they told me there is no recall on that. -
Power steering leak replaced the unit holding fluid starting to leak 50,000 miles later or 2 years. -
I heard a loud noise when I was trying to steer, I took it to a local shop and said all the power steering liquid had leaked out. Took it to the dealer and said the power steering seals needed to be replaced. -
ML350 made winding sound when putting vehicle in motion. Sound would go away as vehicle sped up, but would return when slowing down at lights or to make turns. Discovered small leak of power steering fluid. First look it appears from the hose and not reservoir. -
replace rackinopion -
Fluid had been leaking from steering rack & reservoir for about six months. Had to keep adding fluid and was making a mess in the driveway. Wanted it fixed before winter. Both items were replaced by dealer. -
Leaving from a red light the power steering indicator lit up on dash. Had it towed to dealer and they are replacing the whole rack. -
This vehicle has had ongoing issues with leaking power steering fluid, after both official recall services for the "hose clamp issue" (2005-prev owner, Nov 2008 at Barrier Motors, Bellevue) Jan 2009 (86,219)- Loss of power steering fluid (burning smell) and steering column noise led to service visit where they CHARGED ME to replace O ring and gasket. Aug 2009 (92,353)- Reported ongoing steering fluid leak smell during oil change, they found another fluid (oil) leak at housing; had to replace oil filter assy, O rings. Mar 2010 (98,095)- Had oil change elsewhere, they had to refill steering fluid. Sep 2010 (105,593)- Steering fluid burning smell and steering column noise came back. They admitted fluid had been lost "below min range" and that mounting flange (not inspected Jan 09) source of leak, needed replacement (N/C). Apr 2011 (119,950)- Steering fluid had to be refilled during B service visit. Jun 2013 (139,715)- Steering fluid had to be refilled during B service visit. Sep 2014 (155,578)- During B service, small steering fluid leak discovered, fluid had to be refilled. Clearly the root cause of this issue has not been properly identified! Mercedes has not properly addressed this (design failure?) Service depts are only catching the symptoms as they are reported. It is logical to speculate that the entire power steering assembly suffers abnormal wear and tear from these ongoing issues. I want to know what Mercedes-Benz plans to do about this ongoing failure issue that costs customers time, mileage, vehicle wear and money. -
same issue of whining noise on turns at slow speeds and fluid on garage floor noticed as well. Took to trusted mechanic and he confirmed the rack.pinion steering needs to be replaced. H e topped off the fluid and sent me away to think about the $2,000 repair. Parts should be somewhere around $700 (aftermarket/refurb) to $1200 (OEM). Labor should be around 5-7 hours or about $500-$700 dollars. What a mess... -
I have to replace the power steering rack, pump and the reservoir. Also having electric issues. One time while it was raining out my windshield wipers and locks stopped working. I was so scared i would get into a accedient while trying to get home, i just pulled over and had to sit there turning the car off and on and sitting until it came back on. Oh thats not it, i starting driving again almost home and then it shuts down again while still raining. I still have not yet to find the problem why. This is very dangerous and Mercedes should have alrady came up with a solution on all of these issues everyone driving this truck are having. They should even pay for it or something or try to work it out with the customers. -
Leak and noise -
Leak in steering rack -
continuous fluid leak, which got worse. Replace complete rack -
I have been told it is the steering rack that is leaking $1824 to fix, but is under warranty so dealership is towing it to them and fixing it for free -
Power steering problem. Leaking steering rack!! Slow at really noticeable!! I'm not happy. Already did recall on clamp and Mercedes dealership fixed with a screw down clamp. This I was told may not be good as a high pressure I have a leaking steering rack!! This has to be recalled!!!! Mercedes is suppose to be more reliable than these problems..why no recall yet on steering rack. -
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